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Julius Caesar the play by William Shakespeare When you think of spies and secret agents, you mht think of lots of things; nifty gadgets, foren travel, dangerous missiles, fast cars and being shaken but not stirred. In fact, some of the most famous code breakers in history have been mathematicians who have been able to use quite simple maths to uncovered plots, identify traitors and influence battles. Nearly 2000 years ago, Julius Caesar was busy taking over the world, invading countries to increase the size of the Roman Empire. Visit this William Shakespeare site including information about his famous play Julius Caesar. Educational resource for the William Shakespeare play Julius.

Cassius in "Julius Caesar" - Writing. Com She has always been depicted in different lht, in so many media. The Characterization of Cassius in "Julius Caesar" In the play "Julius Caesar," Shakespeare characterizes Cassius as the only man in Rome who has fully developed

Julius Caesar play - pedia The tribunes verbally attack the masses for their fickleness in celebrating the defeat of a man who was once their leader. Julius Caesar; Triumvirs after Caesar's death. Octavius Caesar; Mark Antony; Lepidus; Conspirators against Caesar. Marcus Brutus Brutus Cassius; Casca.

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